Lebanon Hanover, photo gallery from the concert in Paris

Lebanon Hanover, Bus Palladium – Paris, 09/03/2017

If you look for the band’s Facebook page, we suggest you first to have a look at the text in the about section: “NOSTALGIA IS NEGATION // SADNESS IS REBELLION”. That’s a (metaphorically) good place to start if you want to know more about Lebanon Hanover, the dark wave/post punk duo based between Berlin and Newcastle that we had the chance to see last night at Bus Palladium, in Paris.

It has been a sort of comeback for us: we have not been active in Paris for some time and we are extremely glad to be back in the city, and we could not have asked for a better start. Der Himmel über Berlin were in charge of the opening act, and we could easily say that the Italian post-punk band succeeded in warming up the crowd quite appropriately for the main performance. When Lebanon Hanover got up on the stage, the people at Bus Palladium just went crazy.

Struggling a little bit in an overall quite calm pogo (the rhythms were probably not the best for that purpose), through our pictures we tried to recreate the cold and dark atmosphere that Larissa Iceglass and William Maybelline managed to mix with a drum machine and some minimalistic melodies. Take a look at our gallery here.


Lebanon Hanover

Opening Act Der Himmel über Berlin
Show Lebanon Hanover live at Bus Palladium
City Paris
Music dark wave, post punk

Lebanon Hanover

Der Himmel über Berlin


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