Helmet, photo gallery from the concert in London

Helmet, O2 Academy Islington – London, 10/03/2017

Some might say that playing alternative metal or post-hardcore is just too a 90s-thing; some might say as well that Helmet are not what they used to be, basically because Page Hamilton is the only remaining member of the band who was there since the beginning. Well, that’s just bullshit.

We had the chance to see them live and we can confirm that what we’ve witnessed is a show of pure energy and rage. A quite diverse audience (in terms of age-range) danced and screamed their lungs ‘til the last breath both on the band’s all time classics and brand new songs from their latest release, Dead to the World. And a special mention goes also to Local H, the opening act straight from Illinois that keeps on crushing people’s ears from 1987 – in the best sense possible, of course.

Here is our gallery of the show, now online only for you. 




Opening Act  Local H
Evento Helmet live at O2 Academy Islington
Luogo London
Genre alternative metal, post-hardcore, noise rock


Local H

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