The Pigeon Detectives, photo gallery from the concert in Paris

The Pigeon Detectives, La Maroquinerie – Paris, 17/03/2017

And the Pigeons arrived in Paris; literally.
The Pigeon Detectives are a band from Leeds that I never ever had the chance to see live before, and probably it’s been one of the worst mistakes I could make – and one of the best shows I could miss, considering the performance they delivered last night in Paris at La Maroquinerie.

I’m not kidding, I must be honest, it’s been one of the best shows I have seen in this city so far.
Energetic, exciting, technically perfect. One thing is clear: Matt Bowman loves to be on the stage, and the stage loves him back. It’s evident that he really enjoys jumping from a side to the other, up and down the speakers, and he has a great feeling with the crowd. The rest of the band completes the picture with great guitar riffs, insistent rhythms at the drums, a bass guitar that sets the pace in a perfect way.

What comes out it’s a flawless and super entertaining performance, something that for sure will help them in pushing people to listen to their last record ‘Broken Glances’, the fifth of their career, released less than a month ago. Ten years have passed from ‘Wait For Me’, but they manage to preserve the same energy they always had from the beginning. Here’s our photo gallery, including some pics of the French opening act Wild Times.


The Pigeon Detectives

Opening Act Wild Times
Event The Pigeon Detectives live at La Maroquinerie
City Paris
Genre indie rock

The Pigeon Detectives

Wild Times


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