Goran Bregović, photo gallery from the concert in Barcelona

Goran Bregović, Palau de la Musica – Barcelona, 04/04/2017

Spring really started last night in Barcelona. It was another night at the Mil•leni Festival and we went to the colourful Palau de la Música. What a great venue to sublime the music of Goran Bregović.

The Balkan genius with multiple collaborations delivered a show only few people have the recipe for. In this temple of classical music, he switched during 2h30 between very deep songs, captivating the audience, and festive hymns. No lie, one could hear a fly when he performed “In The Death Car”, but the balconies shook like the old Volga on an eastern Europe road when the talented orchestra played “Kalashnikov”, “Bella ciao”.

It was a really nice night that maybe took a bit long to really start, but later transported us into Kusturica‘s universe, between dream and gipsy reality.


Goran Bregović

Opening Act  n/d
Event Goran Bregović live at Palau de la Musica
City Barcelona
Genre folk, world, balkan


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