Bambikina, photo gallery from the concert in Barcelona

Bambikina, Barts Espai Club – Barcelona, 17/03/2017

We’re quite lucky to have someone in Barcelona who enjoys to see emerging folk acts, mostly because in this way we’re able to discover some actual gems. Esther Méndez, and all that comes from the project Bambikina together with her, is certainly part of this category. We had the possibility to follow her show at Barts, the same place where we’ve been the night before for Hindi Zahra – probably they’ll think we’re becoming some sort of habitué of the club.

Bambikina is what they define as eclectic folk, mixed up with some taste of americana and an undeniably present Spanish attitude. Only less than two years ago, the magazine Rolling Stone included the band in the review’s top ten emerging acts of 2015. Now Méndez is at it again with her latest album called ‘Referencias’ (sidenote, with an amazing album art cover), which makes up a proper compendium of all that has influenced the artist in the making process of all her past works.

Get a taste of everything you can find from the most traditional folk you could encounter, to some hints of psychedelia and notes coming straight from the deepest roots of americana. Here is our photo gallery from Friday night’s event, all for you.



Opening Act  n/d
Event Bambikina live at Barts Espai Club
City Barcelona
Genre folk, indie, americana



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